Our Principles

Nightline treats all of its callers with respect, and the service is founded on five core principles that have not changed since we started:

We offer a confidential listening and information service. You are able to talk to us about absolutely anything that is troubling you, while feeling reassured that it all stays completely confidential.

Non-Directive and Non-Advisory –
Our volunteers recognise that everyone and every situation is different, so we won’t direct or advise you to do anything. Instead we will provide a space to help you make a decision that is right for you. We can give you a caring environment to work things out for yourself, hopefully putting you back in control of the situation and your decisions.

Anonymous –
You can reveal as much or as little information as you like about yourself, and our volunteers will never push you for more information to find out who you are. We won’t even ask for your name.

Non-Judgmental –
Nightline and its volunteers are an independent student group with no political, religious, ethnic, cultural, political or moral bias. We accept and respect the views of all our callers and will never criticise or judge you, instead providing a safe and supportive environment to discuss issues without fear of any prejudice.

Dedication –
All of our volunteers are dedicated to the service and to offering you the best possible support and information. Our volunteers are trained to actively listen to anything you want to talk about, and can provide factual and reliable information. We are dedicated to caller self-determination and can give details of relevant professional advice sources if you request them.